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I Blackberry Smoke are Charlie Starr (vocals, guitar), Richard Turner (voice, bass), Brit Turner (battery), Paul Jackson (vocals, guitar) and Brandon Still (keyboards). In You Hear Georgia (Thirty Tigers/3 Legged Records)which comes three years after Find A Light, i Blackberry Smoke celebrate their origins with ten new tracks that sound as Georgia, also thanks to the collaboration of the producer - and fellow countryman - Dave Cobbwho worked with the band for ten days in RCA Studio A in Nashville. The album features special guests such as Warren Haynes (All Rise Again), Jamey Johnson (Lonesome for a Livin') e Rickey Medlocke of Lynyrd Skynyrdco-author of Old Scarecrow.    

BLACKBERRY SMOKE + Read Southall Band - Milan

Alcatraz via Valtellina, 25

Due to the restrictions resulting from the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, Blackberry Smoke have decided to postpone their tour for a year. The concert scheduled for Monday [...]