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Marco Castoldi is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist musician, writer, composer, music popularizer and talent scout. He was born in Milan on 23 December 1972. He made his recording debut at the age of 16 with the band Golden Age, founded the Bluvertigo and with the so-called 'chemical trilogy': Acids and bases (1995), Metal and non-metal (1997) e Zero (1999), would bring the band both commercial and critical success, winning a MTV Music Award and the Prix Leonardo. The band collaborates with Subsonica, Alice, Antonella Ruggiero. Morgan will then play on the album Shellac by Battiato and co-arranges with him Arcane Enigma by Juri Camisasca. He writes the song Reverse fee drawing on verses from the series Black holes by Bompiani, which will be attached to his poetry collection Dissolution. After Bluvertigo's 'freeze' interrupted by a few reunions and a live cd+dvd, Storytellers (2008), the band is set to return with an upcoming album of new releases. As a solo artist he released two albums of unreleased songs: Songs from the flat (2003) - whose single Elsewhere will be considered the most beautiful song of the millennium according to a ranking of the music magazine Rolling Stone and in 2015 will receive a gold disc - and A to A in 2008, containing a duet with Asia Argento in the song Liebestod. In 2005 he arranged and recorded the remake unabridged album of Fabrizio De André, Not to money, not to love, nor to heaven. These solo works are highly appreciated by the critics and will win several awards, including two Targhe Tenco. In 2009 and 2012 respectively, he released Italian Songbook Vol. 1 e 2two collections of covers dedicated to the great Italian singer-songwriters of the past. The dissemination of quality music and the rediscovery of great Italian songwriters including Gino Paoli, Domenico Modugno, Piero Ciampi, Sergio Endrigo, Umberto Bindi e Luigi TencoMorgan has been carrying out this mission for years through albums, concerts and television, from the MTV programmes of the 1990s to the RAI programme Litmus 2006, to the more recent experience as a talent show judge from X Factor at Friends a The Voice. His ability to discover talent and showcase it through top-notch songs has landed him in the Guinness Book of Records as the judge who has won the most talent show editions in the world. An eclectic and multifaceted artist, his production embraces many musical fields: songs, film and theatre soundtracks, direction of an opera, an audiobook consisting of a continuous flow of more than 5 hours of music and words; his work also gives a lot of space to research, from classical music to vocal synthesis.

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