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Natalie Imbruglia

Success for Natalie Imbruglia came in 1997 with the worldwide hit 'Torn"contained in "Left Of The Middle"(RCA Records), which sold over 7 million copies worldwide; a few years later came 'Counting Down The Days"(Sony BMG, 2005) with the hit '.Shiver"which went gold in the UK. In addition to her artistic career, Natalie Imbruglia is known for her humanitarian commitment: she fights for women's health in Africa and has visited Nigeria many times, attended UN meetings in Geneva and in the coming months will start filming a documentary on the dramatic situation in Ethiopia.


September // Prato is Show - Piazza Duomo Piazza Duomo, Prato

We regret to inform you that James Morrison's three Italian concerts scheduled for September 2022 in Prato, Udine and Milan are cancelled due to unforeseen conflicts in the artist's schedule. [...]