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On their 2021 summer tour, Statuto will present a setlist of all their best-known songs and a few never-before-played live tracks from their 15 studio albums in 38 years of activity. On intense rhythms with power pop, soul and ska sounds, the band proposes lyrics with social themes in a direct, ironic and decidedly credible way, always in elegance and with the usual impeccable style, both aesthetically and technically-musically, skilfully mixing commitment and fun, resulting suitable for any type of stage and live situation. Now approaching forty years of career, the band composed of the historical members Oskar (voice), Naska (battery), Rudy (bass) and the recent entry of Enrico Bontempi (guitar) has had important components such as Xico i.e. the maestro Ezio Bosso on bass or Junior Davide Rossi (violinist and arranger for Coldplay, Verve and many others) at the keyboard and has performed on all kinds of stages: from the countless benefit concerts for factory workers in difficulty to the historic passage at the Sanremo Festival, from Plaza de la Revoluciòn in Havana, Cuba, to Festivalbar, Cantagiro and the big May Day concert in Rome's Piazza San Giovanni; from the concert at the Delle Alpi stadium to celebrate Turin's Italian Cup victory to the benefit concerts for ultras fans from all over Italy and Europe.

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