BARLEY ARTS with CASTROCARO for the development of young artists

The Castrocaro Festival gets into the swing of selecting the first semi-finalists of 2015, many new features for this 58th edition of the historic festival dedicated to new Italian voices. Barley Arts focuses on young emerging artists: one of the ten finalists will be chosen to open concerts by national and international artists.

Daniele Parascandolo
, Booking Agent and Italian Artist Development for Barley Arts, during the course of the 1st Master&Selection which has just ended, reaffirmed the founder's will Claudio Trotta to support young emerging artists and announced that one of the ten finalists of the Castrocaro Festival will be chosen to open concerts of national and international artists produced in the 2015/2016 season by Barley Arts.
The Castrocaro Festival thus confirms itself as a breeding ground for new talents, an important stage, a concrete opportunity for young artists to take their first steps in the world of music.