We are pleased to report two news items concerning curious incidents that occurred on the last European dates of the tour of Bruce Springsteenepisodes that remind us - if ever there was a need - of the artist's greatness and humility. The first story is set in Iceland, the second in Stockholm.

Keflavik International Airport - Iceland - 2:00 a.m.
On the way back from Germany to the States, after the last European concert in Berlin, Springsteen's aeroplane stops for refuelling in Icelandand the artist, evidently still keen to hold one last 'concert' in Europe, pulled out his guitar. According to the Icelandic press, some night workers at the airport were delighted by a six-song set: 'The employees said that Springsteen showed no pretension and was really humble, talking to them at length. His friend asked the employees if they would like to hear a few songs' (!!).
The "2 a.m. Acoustic Set" - so named by the press - included "Dancing in the Dark," "Bobby Jean," "This Hard Land," "Working on the Highway," "Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street?" and "I'm on Fire."

A group of Italian guys who have been following Bruce for years went to Stockholm to see the Boss. On the afternoon before the concert, the guys were relaxing in the hotel gym when Springsteen himself came through the door, ready to warm up his muscles for the show. The guys greeted him and continued their session, moving to the sauna so as not to disturb the singer's workout. But Bruce caught up with them after a while, started chatting, asked them if they had any preferences for the evening's set list... and during the evening concert he played the songs they requested, greeted them several times, thanked them in public and nicknamed them 'The Steam Crew'.