The Troubadour in Los Angeles is a small live music venue with a capacity of 500 people. Its live programming is geared towards the alternative scene and up-and-coming bands. It's not hard to get to the venue and find it behind closed doors with the sold-out sign hanging up. Tickets for the Kings of Leon concert were sold out in a short time, and in the stalls you could see the faces of Courtney Love, Jerry Cantrell and Drea de Matteo. All in all, everything was on schedule for a band propelled to the top by echoes of the 'next big thing'.

What left the American media literally stunned was the concert of a certain Ray LaMontagneuntil then (last January) a bearded, unrecognised song-writer and repentant worker.
The Troubadour concert sold out immediately, and the last available tickets were auctioned on eBay and sold for the not insignificant sum of 200 dollars.

Last night Ray LaMontagne was a guest on 'The Late Show with David Letterman' and on Thursday 20 April he will be in concert at The House139 of Milan.

Legend has it that one day Ray LaMontagne left Maine and his factory job, listening to a Stephen Stills song on the radio (Tree Top Flyer). He returned home, picked up his guitar, which he had only ever strummed, and decided that he would be a folk singer in life.

With modesty and humility. As always.

Official website of the artist :

www.raylamontagne.com /a>