Three thousand fans from all over Italy greeted the Finley for the last date of their 'Everything is possible tour'. Almost a year of concerts along the entire peninsula saw their crowning glory in a Sunday show completely sold-out at Alcatraz Milanin front of which the first aficionados of the under-stage barriers were stationed from the early hours of the morning.
And the wait was well worth it: at 4.40 p.m., the people from Novara went on stage My Own Rushby now well known to the Finley audience! As it was at the sold-out Rolling Stone last November, their performance heats up the audience, who for half an hour dance, shout and jump to the rhythm of their songs.
But the wait is on for Finley, who burst onto the stage on time at 5.30 p.m. to the tune of 'Sirens'... and it is immediately a jubilation of acclamations, with the voice of the audience coming to cover that of Pedro. An hour and ten of concert along which the four play all their tracks that have accompanied them on tour for a year: from the single 'You will be a star' to the hard-pop reworking of the hit by Mondo Marcio 'Inside the Boxfrom the anticipation of the new album 'Drops of time' to the slow "Choose me". On the final track 'Anything is possible' hundreds of balloons fall on the crowd from the ceiling of Alcatraz... but there is also room for another surprise: the encore is opened by a brand new cover, the famous 'The saints are coming' (already proposed by U2 and Green Day), while the closure is entrusted once again to 'You will become a star', a wish with which Pedro, Ka, Ste and Dani bid farewell to their loyal audience, and look forward to seeing them on the road again in the coming months!