Space for ideas: this motto could sum up the EELS show staged in Milan (sold out), Rome (sold out) and Vicenza last weekend. The first date in the Lombard capital, in a Conservatory Totally packed in every sector, it complements - in terms of brilliance expressed - the memorable one of 2005.
When the ideas and songs are there, a simple formula is all that is needed to express them. As already transpired, Mr E appears on stage accompanied by the Chettoday not only guitarist but also drummer, percussionist and keyboard player. A two-man show, during which the tidbits of the 'Everettian' reportorio alternate with amusing spoken words, taken from the leader's own recent book. Mr E's charisma is unchanged: the character retains the attitude somewhere between reserved and gentle, between genius and pure schizophrenia, that has always distinguished him. Only an artist like him can afford to start the evening with an hour-long video on the scientific theories elaborated by his father, a film that captures the attention of the 1,500 people present in the Sala Verdi.
The 'lo-fi' hits are all there: My beloved monster, I like birds, Novocaine for the soul and Flyswatter (musical climax of the entire concert with Mr E and The Chet swapping instruments in a highly successful emotional crescendo).
After three encores granted to an extremely satisfied audience, this time there is no repeat performance in a dressing gown... but it doesn't matter... also because the genius does not repeat.

The Milan setlist:
a magic world
ugly love
stawberry blonde
ant farm
souljacker part 1
Elizabeth on the bathroom floor
climbing to the moon
my beloved monster
I like birds
Jeannie's diary
in the yard, behind the church
last stop: this town
I want to protect you
bus stop boxer
novocaine for the soul
good times bad times (Led Zeppelin)
somebody loves you
souljacker part 2

I'm going to stop pretending

ps you rock my world