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The Driver Era is a duo pop-rock US formed by the brothers Ross and Rocky Lynch. The two have played for years in the R5, a quintet with which they have performed all over the world, including our country several times. It was during the world tour that the brothers began dreaming of a new musical project with experimental tendencies. "A while ago, I was reading a book that explained how a kind of third consciousness can form between two people who are deeply connected." says Rossexplaining how it really happened to him and his brother, so they decided to follow their own path. As well as dividing their time between studio and live, Ross He also spends much of his time on the set: he is the star of the biopic My Friend Dahmer and is in the cast of the Netflix series The terrifying adventures of Sabrina. Ross and Rocky never stop and are ready to engage fans around the world with their enthusiasm. The name The Driver Era wants to communicate the feeling of freedom that comes from driving on huge roads, facing endless possibilities and the thrill of escape, without having to stay in one place for a long time. The two brothers, Ross and Rocky LynchThey write, play and self-produce their tracks, with the intention of conveying these nostalgic feelings, while keeping an eye on tomorrow. The only limits the brothers have imposed on themselves in the creation of this duo are in fact the lack of any imposition of musical genre and the desire to constantly renew their sound. This union of nostalgia and experimentation emerges in their debut album X (The Driver Era / BMG), released last June. In addition to their first album, Italian audiences will also have the opportunity to hear the double single A Kiss / Forever Alwaysavailable everywhere from 25 October 2019.

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