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Manuel Cuni, better known as Immanuel Casto, is an Italian singer-songwriter and game designer who, with four studio albums, 15 board games, a biography for Tsunami Edizioni written by Max Ribaric and six national tours behind him, has become a cult figure. Il Casto Divo, as his fans call him, was the first European artist to collaborate with Pornhubwhich published the video preview of Alphabet of Love and became a partner in the edition of Ring Red Light with drawings by Milo Manara; has collected more than 50 million views with its video clips on YouTube and has sold thousands of copies of its board games. It has always activist of the community LGBTQIAsponsor of several national Pride events, guest at the Diversity Awards (2019 and 2020) and from November 2019 president of Mensa Italy, (an international association formed by members with a high IQ that promotes and encourages intelligence), recently re-elected for a second term.

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